Balance, Stack, Play: Text

Balance, Stack, Play at Grizedale Forest for Sculpture

My initial idea for the show builds on my previous solo show at Gallery North, ‘My Five Year Old Could Have Done That’. The exhibition revealed some of the questions I had asked myself in the studio, which were placed around the walls of the space. These were accompanied by tests, or proposed answers to the questions as sculptural installations. Eg. “Can the blocks be made from a different material?”

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Modernist Coinwash


The Modernist Coinwash is a project run by Marion Piper and Lindall Pearce. “Conceived as a series of two-part sessions, the aim is to open up the possibility for personal practice development and peer connection and discussion.”

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Study Scores


I selected a short excerpt from “Improvisation C Major Blues” to focus on to begin to use the objects to compose, using their physical properties to make decisions, rather than just to notate.

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