This was a group show that I was invited to take part in by Kunstpodium T, as part of their Master/Apprentice Program, with artists Ciaran Nash, Kelly Schacht, Nele Thorrez and Hannah Zandee.

We had a period of a few months to converse online to plan and deliver a show at De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam, so we decided to hold a series of Skype meetings with each of us taking turns to lead the session and speak about our practice.

These conversations developed as we spoke about our own work, as well as getting to know each other and talking about our daily activities. We spoke about ways in which we could represent ourselves, and our practices, in a sculptural way and totems became a recurring theme in our discussions. We each made a totem to fit inside a shipping crate, that came apart to become a table with each totem being a supporting leg. The table top had a series of pages we’d designed throughout our conversations to document our collaboration. We performed the dismantling of the crate and built the table at the private view for the show, and held an informal discussion with the audience about our publication.