I am an artist and educator based between Manchester and Liverpool.  I graduated from Nottingham Trent, BA Fine Art, in 2015 and previous shows include: “Balance, Stack, Play” at Grizedale Forest for Sculpture; “My Five Year Old Could Have Done That” at Gallery North and “It May Not Be Perfect But It’s Mine” at The NewBridge Project.

I generally work with sculpture, using my objects as props or tools for experimentation in the studio and the gallery. My work investigates the possibilities of materials and forms in a curious and naïve manner, using physical play as a way to make tests and propositions.

My synaesthesia connects number, colour, space, sound, shape and mass, and I aim to express my subjective interpretation of the world around me. I’m interested in how systems and sequences in mathematics and music can be applied to creative practice by providing a framework for creativity, and a structure to respond to, or improvise around.

My practice is increasingly invested in the audience that encounters it, as I gain more confidence with my own ideas; and I aim to engage an audience to feel a sense of familiarity with the works I make, as well intrigue. I aim to prompt a number of questions from my work, and offer a framework that any viewer could feel empowered to make a response with.

It is also pivotal to consider the actual processes of producing work, and models for sustaining a creative practice, both logistically and conceptually. I wonder how this can be translated, and made relevant, accessible and useful for real people in contemporary societies.